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Take two pictures of your body, and we’ll capture 60 of your body measurements through our augmented reality measuring tape. Through our lifestyle survey, we’ll capture your most important shopping priorities. 

Browse and assess items
with confidence

View items in Item View or have all product photos be pre-populated with women closest to your body size and shape in Model View.

All MIVE Fit models leave high quality, comprehensive reviews. Say goodbye to paid reviews by influencers and say hello to everyday women with genuine, unfiltered product feedback.

Curate items to build the
perfect look

Create outfits using our easy-to-use drag-and-drop Outfit Canvas interface with products across brands.

Build collections with friends

Create collections for occasions, seasons, or whatever you feel fit. You can add friends to share your items, get feedback, and coordinate.

Get rewarded for reviews

Gain rewards for leaving reviews for your purchases, and redeem them in our marketplace of exclusive offers.

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